A word from the CEO

Visuel eric de lucy President When the banana producers in the French West Indies decided to buy Fruidor, France’s leading ripening room network, back in 2008, they were clearly choosing the best way to bring their products to market. The acquisition bolstered the positions of Guadeloupe and Martinique bananas on the French market with the independent ripening rooms that are our loyal historical partners. The move was, of course, a milestone enabling them, as producers, to control the complete production process end-to-end, from the upstream to the downstream stages of ripening, packaging, wholesaling and promotional marketing, with the ambition of intensifying customer relations and creating links with fruit and vegetable producers in mainland France as part of the Terroirs business. Today’s European business environment is borderless, with bananas from all over the world competing against us, enjoying advantageous conditions based on low labour costs. The uneven ball park made our downstream venture vital. The aim was to best address the expectations of customers, retailers and consumers, by developing greater proximity. It was also to safeguard the future of the French banana industry, enhancing the image of the Guadeloupe and Martinique Bananas (legitimately known as the Human Rights banana) industry, by far, the most compliant with labour regulations and trade union rights, while continuing to highlight its specificity and quality and open the door to new professional skills. This website offers me the opportunity to insist on the vital role played by the men and women in our workforce who, not only ensure the daily contact with our customers, but also play an essential role as a bridge with the producers whose trust they have earned. Therefore, I hope that this site will help to give our partners more insights into the way we do our business and also inspire young people, dynamic and passionate, to start their careers by joining Fruidor. We are always on the lookout for new talent that will help us to safeguard, more strongly than ever, the future of our banana industry. Eric de Lucy, CEO, UGPBAN / FRUIDOR