Fruidor Bananes

Fruidor Bananes: an end-to-end process

The French market leader, Fruidor operates France’s n° 1 banana-ripening stations network with a yearly throughput of 215,000 MT of ripened bananas. With its knowhow in green banana procurement and expertise in ripening and packaging, Fruidor is able to address customer demands with a broad range of bananas.

The power of the n° 1 banana-ripening stations network

A strong national network of nine industrial banana-ripening stations, all with International Food Standard certification.

The leader of French West Indies bananas

Fruidor sources most of its bananas from the Guadeloupe and Martinique islands, but also from selected third-party produced around the world, sharing the same values, notably in Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, etc.

Innovative marketing to serve you

With our dynamic and segmented supply (organic bananas, pink bananas, plantain bananas, frécinette, small bananas, mountain bananas, etc.) Fruidor spans the full range of banana varieties and origins and brings an answer to consumer demand in terms of flavour, health value and environmental compliance. Our marketing team listens to retailers, bringing solutions in terms of innovation and trade marketing operations adapted to the needs of the retail chains and their customers, notably through Guadeloupe & Martinique Bananas.

Fruidor: a major player in the banana industry

Organic farming and fair trade sourcing

The n°1 operator on the French market

Fruidor sources its bananas from selected organic producers and suppliers who comply strictly with the demands of European legislation. With its Max Havelaar FAIRTRADE label, Fruidor is also positioned as a major player on this segment, supplying a selection of bananas from various origins: Caribbean (Dominican Republic), Latin America (Peru, Ecuador, Columbia). A long-standing close partner of the Guadeloupe & Martinique Banana, UGPBAN’s merger with France’s n°1 ripening room network at the end of 2008 enabled Fruidor to implement an end-to-end integration of the banana supply chain. For full information, please visit our website: