Our Brands


Bananes de Guadeloupe & Martinique

logo-ugpban Founded in 2003, UGPBAN (Union des Groupements de Producteurs de Bananes de Guadeloupe et de Martinique) is a federation of all the banana producers on the islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique. The bananas grown on this volcanic soil are considered exemplary for their unique flavours. All members of a cooperative, UGBPAN’s 650 family-run farms guarantee practices at the leading edge of agronomic science, ensuring traceability and quality for the consumer. Of their 270,000 MT banana yield, 70% are marketed in France and 30% go to the export market.

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Les Nouveaux Producteurs

LNP de nos regions 2020 - CMJN Les “Nouveaux Producteurs” gathers one hundred passionate men and women, firmly rooted in their regions. Committed to growing quality of fruits and vegetables and respecting strict specifications: quality, local employment, environment and teaching. Men and women, all looking forward to the future. Visit the website

Prestige du potager

logo prestige du potager


r012_logo_diva_2016 The best products of our regions under a single brand: Diva.


logo_darondine_p7652_hdef Darondine is a retail brand created by the partnership between the company Darbonne and Fruidor Terroirs. Initially dedicated to asparagus it has now expanded into small berries, all grown in the Gironde area between Bordeaux and Arcachon. Visit the website


logo-girlande The Girlande brand, (an umbrella name made up from the two south-west France departments, Gironde and Landes), founded in 1996, is a trademark well-known and acknowledged by professionals in the sector. The high-end brand only markets carrots to the French and export markets.