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Land use practices that take account of sustainable development commitments

The company Fruidor, associated since 2008 with UGPBAN (Union des groupements de producteurs de bananes de Guadeloupe et Martinique), now benefits from a range of initiatives that have given home-grown production n° 1 rank on the national market. This forward-looking strategy is also echoed by Fruidor’s commitment to work closely with farmers aware of the need to commit to sustainable development. Fruidor is contributing to the change in paradigm by seeking to reduce its carbon footprint and its environmental impact in general, optimizing energy consumption in an overall organisation controlling product marketing, processing, retailing and promotion. Download the presentation

Quality information

A quality culture

For Fruidor our day-to-day commitment to quality means:

  • Ensuring customer satisfaction;
  • Delivering expert service;
  • Guaranteeing food safety.

Sustainable development

Fruidor’s sustainable development policy is the natural extension of the customer-oriented quality management system that has been acknowledged with IFS (International Food Standard) certification:

  • Monitoring of customer satisfaction;
  • Guaranteed full product traceability;
  • Management of health and safety of marketed products;
  • Definition of customer specifications;
  • Monitoring of product quality levels;
  • Continuous improvement of the quality management system.
In 2010, sustainable development became a major focus of Fruidor’s quality policy, notably through research into ways of reducing our environmental impact. Actions and resources:

Towards the end of 2009, we conducted a self-diagnostic of our sustainable development situation based on the French book of standards, AFNOR SD 21000. This involved:

  • Identifying 35 criteria concerning three sustainable development goals and the means to achieve them via governance and management;
  • Nominating a Sustainable Development Officer in June 2010;
  • Drafting and approving the 2010/2011 sustainable development plan for 2010/2011 and the following 5 years.

In 2010, Fruidor’s management identified five main focuses for its sustainable development policy::

  • develop more robust governance and managerial practices:
    • the integration of sustainable development in the principles underpinning Fruidor’s action;
    • the positioning of a sustainable development manager;
    • the introduction of a training scheme to develop skills;
    • the audit of our sustainable development plan by the CCIP.
  • listen to the “sustainability” expectations of our customers and consumers;
  • secure our shareholder’s support for the Sustainable French West Indies Bananas Plan” and the growth of organic, fairly traded products;
  • build partnerships with Terroirs product suppliers committed to a sustainable development path (integrated farming and local organic farming);
  • analyse the environmental impact of our activity with a view to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption, carrying out packaging diagnostics, and surveying our waste footprint and reuse, etc.